Emile van Pelt is a sought after New Orleans style piano player who has developed an original style influenced by the great US Southern Statesí musicians among whom; Alton Purnell, Dr. John, Prof. Longhair, Richard M. Jones, Sweet Emma Barrett, Ray Charles, Jimmy Yancey, Tom Waits and Memphis Slim. His musical style can best be described as a an amalgam of Jazz, Caribbean, boogie woogie, barrelhouse, gospel, contemporary funky New Orleans and blues.

After graduation from the University of Utrecht in 1986 with a masterís degree in Music, Emile has since spent his life developing and experimenting with various sounds and styles.
His versatility is apparent by the fact that he has played the accordion in a Zydecoband, been the conductor of a gospel choir, played the French horn in various (classical) orchestras, tuba and bass drum in a New Orleans brass band and been the member of a pop group and a Klezmer band. Over the last 25 years, as a member of the La Vida band, Emile has played accompanied many of the great names in contemporary and traditional Jazz.